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Fiberglass stakes

Fiberglass Plant stakes,Fiberglass snow stakes.

Fiberglass rods,FRP rods,FRP Round rods with one point sharped ,

Widely used as fiberglass tree stakes,fiberglass vine stakes,fiberglass nursery stakes,fiberglass plant stakes to keep your plants growing straight!

1.Fiberglass round rods Range: Diameter 5-32mm; 

2. Regular Color: red, black, white, yellow, blue, green, gray 

3. Length: from 300mm to 7000mm 

4. Customer size, color and length are available. 

5. High Strength 

6. UV inhibit  

7. Good flexibility

8. Non rust and corrosion resistance,Chemical resistance

Fiberglass rods with one point sharp and with plow marker are used as Fiberglass snow stakes .Fiberglass driveway stakes.etc