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FRP Hand Lay-up

  • Product Name:Fiberglass delivery box
  • FRP/Fiberglass hand lay-up fiberglass delivery box series products are mainly manufactured using synthetic resin and reinforced with glass fiber by skilled hand lay-up process,finished with polish and with a solidified beauty surface.


    1) Skillful manufacturing

    2) Modern design

    3) Corrosion resistance

    4) Light weight

    5) High intensity

    6) Aging resistance

    7) Excellent dimension stability

    8) Long service life

    9) Smooth surface

    10)Good flexibility

    11)Surface layer is gel coated,color is permanent

    12)Logo sticker available

    13) Manufactured using synthetic resin and reinforced with glass fiber

We can supply various shapes,design,specification of FRP food delivery box for fast food:Pizza,cake,drink,fried chicken,take-out .etc Meanwhile,the boxes are widely used as motorcycle carrying box,Courier delivery box .etc

OEM/ODM,Customized design are welcomed!

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