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Assemble and fixing

MaxGrate FRP Gratings are light weight and high strength, easy installation and fabrication.Light weight allows easy lifted into place by one or two person during installation . 


Safety Precautions - When cutting Molded grating, always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes and a dust mask to reduce dust inhalation. Also wear gloves and a shop coat with neck and sleeves taped to prevent skin irritation. Work in a well-lighted and ventilated area.

Cutting Molded Grating -FRP grating are easily cut into any circle and shapes by regular shop tools without scattering orchanging the dynamic properties. For best results, use a heavy-duty rotary saw with a masonry, carbide or diamond coated blade. Firm support of the panels will prevent shifting. Turning the panel bottom-side-up gives a smooth surface for the saw to ride on and reduces chipping. Be sure to allow for the blade kerf when measuring.

Grinding -All cut edges should be ground smooth. Use a coarse grit, open coated (resin) grinding disk.

Finishing -All cut surfaces should be coated with resin to prevent corrosion of glass fibers. A light coating of two-part resin system or urethane spray paint is satisfactory.


Provide for a minimum of 1-1/2" (40mm) bearing bars around all panel edges to sustain frp gratings.'Y' shape angle is the right bearing bar support for FRP grating edges at the ground .

When frp gratings are used for trench covers, clamps are not necessary.
For walkways or platforms, use type "M" stainless steel (type 316) clips every 48" (maximum) for full 4' x 12' panels, a minimum of 4 clips for any piece.

There must be secondary beams at the backside of the grating jointing place. I bar, Channel, Angle, Angle, Square tube are for choices.

Clips for Molded FRP Grating

There are three regular types of clamps(clips) to fix fiberglass gratings and frames, grating and gratings. MaxGrate offer competely all matched mesh sizes and thickness grating clamps. Clips are sold as sets consisting of clip, bolt, nut and washers. They are all made from stainless steel SS304 or SS316L.


M-cip to fasten between molded

grating and supporting


C-clip to connect and fix 

neighbour frp gratings  


L-clip for gratings and special 



W-clip to fix solid plate like stair 

tread and coverd grating.

Overview of clamps